Happy 1st Birthday

Daughter, Sister.

Niece, Cousin and Granddaughter.

You can be proud to own.

Spike is your loveable nickname.

Today you turn 1.

Hope you have a wonderful and enjoy yourself.

Happy 1st Birthday to my beautiful wee niece Imogen, love you loads xx.

Jacqueline King. (38). Thursday 29th April 2021. (C).

Happy Birthday Grandad King

Son, Brother.

Husband, Father.

Grandfather, Great-Grandfather.

All of these titles you have proudly earned.

Love and miss you everyday, always in our thoughts.

Wishing my Grandad a very happy heavenly birthday.

Loved you and Nan King a lot.

Jacqueline King (Friday 21st May 2021). (38) (C).

Happy Birthday Sister

Daughter, Sister.

Sister-in-law, Daughter -in-laws.

Wife, Mother.

Niece, Granddaughter, Cousin. All of these titles you have proudly earned.

Sister today is your birthday, hope you have a wonderful day and have your wishes come true.

Wishing you a very happy birthday, enjoy day.

Love you loads

Jacqueline King (38). Wednesday 28 April 2021 (C).

Empathic Power

A young woman named Emily went on a night out with her friends to a nightclub P3. She was suddenly attacked by a mysterious creature while on her way home. When she got through the front Emily noticed that she has got scratched by the creature and that her head was throbbing. The next morning Emily was awakened by the noise of a thousand voices going through her head. She went to meet up with to her friends house to tell the m what had happened to her but they just laughed at her. That is when Emily decided to go back to the nightclub to get help. The nightclub is run by three sisters who are witches named Penelope, Porcha and Poppy Hellfire. They inform Emily that she too was a witch with an empathic power that was activated by the attack. Penelope tells Emily that they can teach her how to control her power and that her powers are attached to her emotions. The sisters showed Emily empathy as they find out that she is their half sister through their dead mother Elizabeth who had an affair with her whitelighter Sean.

Jacqueline King. Friday 21st May 2021 (C). (38).

Great Uncle Ivor

husband, father, uncle, great uncle, grandfather.

all of these titles you have proudly earned.

I know that we have met only twice in this lifetime but it was nice to meet you and Peg.

glad to have had you a part of our wonderful family.

Just want to wish you a very big belated happy birthday.

Love and Mix you both every day.

Jacqueline King (Tuesday 27th April 2021) (C) (38).

Mother’s Day

Daughter, Sister, Sister-In-Law.

Aunt, Wife Mother, Grandmother.

All of these titles you have proudly earned.

Loads of Nieces & Nephews.

Brothers & Sisters.

Family in-laws.

Two Young Beautiful Granddaughters.

Celebrating Mother’s Day Year After Year.

We are all so lucky to have you in our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

Love you A Lot.

Jacqueline King (38) (Wednesday 3rd February 2021) (C)

TV Shows of my childhood

Growing up as a child in the 80s was lots of fun, loads of excellent tv series.

Thundercats, He-Man and She-ra for the 80s. Then there were Gummi Bears, inspector gadget, darkwing duck, ducktales and gargoyles. For older children there was Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, Roswell and Star Trek. Apart from Star Trek The Original series I have recorded every episode of season onto VHS tape for my dad. From The Next Generation to Enterprise without any breaks. When I was a teenager, always looked forward to sit up all night to not only watching but recording all the Star Trek series as I was always really good at making sure Perfect sound, picture and absolutely no breaks.

Ode De Nuska

My comrade, my best friend.

My little buddy, my pet dog.

All these titles, you were Nuska to me.

You were excellent company for me.

Until mum and dad came home from work.

Miss you so much now that you have gone to doggy heaven to be with our brothers Casper, Casper 2 and Snowy as well as our sister Sasha.

Run through those fields of snow forever, until we meet again.

Love you all loads.

Jacqueline King (38 years old) (C) Tuesday 1st December 2020.