Stand Up 2 Cancer

A few days ago I bravely made the decision to sign myself up to do a sponsored silence for stand up 2 cancer. I have lost many members of my family to this dreadful disease. So I am doing this to not raise money for this well deserved charity but also to raise awareness.

To everyone who has generously made a donation I say a huge thank you. Still a long way to go but every little helps. 

World Poetry Day and Shakespeare Week

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (with a Disney’s Gargoyles Twist)

Lord Oberon and Queen Tatiana had many Children.

One day Queen Tatiana tried life as a faerie,so she chose to leave for a better life.

She to on the name Anastasia, met and married Halcyon Renard.

She gives birth to a daughter named Janine “Fox” Renard.

Soon she tires of this life too and disappears.

Anatastasia returns for her grandson Alexander Xanatos and reveals to everyone that she really is Queen Tatiana but leaves with Lord Oberon empty handed.

Happy World Poetry Day as well as Happy Shakespeare Week.

Jacqueline King. Wednesday 3rd March 2022. (C).

The Incredibles

Susan and Peter Powers live in suburban city of Los Angeles with their three children, Simon, Matilda and Mikey. Everyone goes about their normal lives, Peter is an office manager while Susan is a shop assistant at a local deli. Simon and Matilda are high school students while Mikey is at preschool. Simon gets bullied about his parents being former superheroes. One day when their kids get home they sneak around and come across secret room with costumes and gadgets.

When Simon asks his dad a weird question, “Hey dad, were you and mom ever superheroes?”. “Why are you asking Simon?, Peter replied. “A kid at school told me” replied Simon. “We were never superheroes, we are just average people working normal jobs” replied Peter. “You are lying to us, we have proof” says Simon. That is when Simon pulls out a gadget from the secret room. “Where did you get that from?” asks Peter, “from the secret room” replied Simon.

“The kids know that we were superheroes” says Peter, “how?”, asks Susan. “They found the secret room with our costumes and gadgets” replies Peter. “What are we going to do about this? asks Susan. “We tell them the truth” says Peter. “Our family is going to fall apart with this secret”, replies Susan. When they go to the kitchen to tell their kids the truth they find a note on the counter.





Peter and Susan packs all the gadgets into a bag and visit Gloria Wormwood to get new superhero costumes. Later that day, Peter and Susan arrive on their private plane to Mega Crab Island with a big robot Crab. They meet Doctor Fantastical who has his muscle men bring out the Powers Kids. A fight in sues as the Powers renege on the deal made. The family are almost defeated until little Mikey Powers comes to the rescue by destroying the big robot crab and defeating Doctor Fantastical. Everyone is safe once again, Peter and Susan reveal that their superhero identities to the kids. The kids realise they are now superheroes too but promise to keep it a secret from the world. The End.

Jacqueline King. Wednesday 3rd March 2022. (C).

Holocaust Memorial Day

Today, we celebrate the Jewish people getting their freedom from being prosecuted by the Germans for being who they are. They have survived the concentration camps and escaped being killed. We remember everyone who died in the concentration camps.

We also remember how the Germans ripped families apart and took all their possessions as the spoils of war. The Jewish people were also stripped of their identities and had numbers stamped on their arms.

We all should be thankful that we didn’t have go through what the Jews did. Here’s to health, truth, freedom and independence.

Happy Holocaust Memorial Day.

By Jacqueline King. (Saturday 1st January 2022) (C).

Mum’s Birthday

I want to wish our wonderful mum a very happy birthday.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Daughter, Sister, Auntie, Sister -in-law, Daughter-in-law, Wife, Mother, Mother-in-law & Nanny.

A huge thank you for always being there when we need you.

Here’s to many more happy birthdays.

Lots Of Love From

Stephen, Jacqueline, Pauline, Sammy, Brooke & Imogen xx.

Jacqueline. Saturday 27th November 2021. (C).

39th Wedding Anniversary

Wishing you both a happy 39th Wedding Anniversary. Here’s to many more years of wedded bliss. We all love you both so much and want to thank you for everything that you do for us.

You are wonderful parents & grandparents. All we could have wished and hoped for.

Lots of Love From Jacqueline, Pauline, Sammy, Brooke & Imogen xx. Hope you enjoy your day, Mum and Dad.

Jacqueline King.

(Friday 10th September 2021) (C)